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Man wrestles his dog from alligator’s mouth

Dog newsThey make granddads out of tough stuff in Orlando, Florida. A 66 year-old retiree saved his nine-year-old West Highland Terrier (named Bounce) from the jaws of a seven-foot alligator, jumping on the lizard and forcing it to let the dog go.

Story in the Orlando Sentinel.

Naturally, all good dog owners would do the same.

Dog rescued from mountain deathtrap; owner wants it returned

Dog newsA man brought his German Shepherd dog on a mountain climb in Colorado, at 13,500 feet and in terrain unfit for a dog. Reportedly, the weather turned bad during the trip and he decided to turn back due to a younger person hiking with him. The dog’s feet by then were so cut up and bleeding from sharp rocks that she could no longer walk. So he left the dog there. After three days, reportedly, he assumed the dog must have died, and took no further action.

However, the dog had not died. [

Pigs feed on Cuban farm dog

Dog newsIt’s one of those feel-good stories of the day—I suppose. In Camaguey, Cuba, reports the Associated Press, Yeti the farm dog has not only fed her own litter of pups but has been “adopted” by fourteen piglets who now run to her to get sustenance in addition to what they are getting from their natural mothers.

Apparently this just happened spontaneously and the dog has gone along with it, as have the farm owners who are now reaping whatever meager rewards they may get from the publicity surrounding the phenomenon. [Read more →]

Yon on the war dogs of Afghanistan

Dog newsMichael Yon, the well-known independently-operating war reporter, has just published a piece on his website about the military dogs of the war in Afghanistan (along with a look at some aggressive poultry aka “veloci-chickens” which inhabit the same country). [Read more →]

Chihuahua chases armed robbers from California store

Dog newsThe Los Angeles County Sheriff’s office has released surveillance video apparently taken during the robbery of a smoke shop in Altadena, California. The 21 second clip (below) shows two masked intruders, one carrying a bag and the other a rifle, running into the smoke shop and loudly demanding “Give me your money.” While the bag is on the counter a Chihuahua runs out barking madly, making one robber back up quickly to the exit in obvious fright, pulling the one with the rifle in front of him as if for protection. The rifle is momentarily pointed at the unfazed pooch. The bag is grabbed again—presumably with some loot in it—and the robbers escape, but the flustered criminals are pursued valiantly down the street by the clearly apoplectic Chihuahua. [Read more →]

Dog falls 150 feet off cliff; breaks tooth

Dog newsWell, so goes the story from UPI, although it doesn’t really sell me on the full 150 feet part. Of-course, anything is possible. [Read more →]

Police dog named Jynx tries to save fallen deputy

Dog newsIn the Albany Township area of Pennsylvania, a deputy sheriff named Kyle Pagerly and his trained police dog, a three year-old German Shepherd named Jynx, were part of a task force of law enforcement officers searching for a fugitive named Matthew Connor. Connor had donned camouflage and taken up position in the woods, in what has been described as a sniper’s nest, bearing a semiautomatic rifle. Jynx detected him and gave the alert to his handler. A shootout ensued, in which both the deputy sheriff and the fugitive suffered fatal gunshot wounds. It is reported that after Deputy Sheriff Pagerly was shot, his dog Jynx attempted to pull him to safety by the leg of his pants. [Read more →]

Another story of prisoners training service dogs

Dog newsAt a prison in Monroe, Washington, inmates are participating in a program wherein they train dogs who will become service animals. [Read more →]

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