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Woman jumps into Hudson river to save dog

Dog newsOn a pier near West 14th Street, a Manhattan woman named Molly was walking with her Wheaten Terrier, named Boogie, yesterday afternoon. The dog was not on a leash (although New York City ordinances require dogs to be leashed just about everywhere, except designated fenced-in dog-runs). She reports that Boogie suddenly ran towards a seagull and plopped off the pier into the cold and mighty Hudson river. She jumped in after her dog, fearing it would be swept out by the strong current. She managed to get the pooch and hunker against one of the supporting legs of the pier. A passerby dialed 911 and New York’s Finest harbor police were soon there to pull her and the soaking wet dog [Read more →]

Mandatory training for dog owners proposed in New York

Dog newsOnly in New York, kids: State Senator Ruben Diaz has introduced a bill that would require dog owners to take a basic instructional course, with their dogs, either before the dog’s first birthday or within 180 days of getting their dog. (Via NY Post.)

Senator Diaz himself owns a Pekinese named Chewie, and is quoted as saying:

When my dog barks a certain way, I understand what he wants. If he doesn’t get what he wants, sometimes he creates another behavior.

Well, how ’bout this, Senator Diaz? When a politician gets up in the morning, I understand what he wants (hint: to control people). If he doesn’t get what he wants, he creates another law. [Read more →]

Dog stays beside dead owner in Pennsylvania

Dog newsIn Etna, Pennsylvania, reports say a 61 year-old man named Ralph Shields went for a walk last Wednesday evening, as was his wont, with his dog, Primo. He didn’t come home. His brother, who lived with him, woke up the next morning and realized that that Mr. Shields had not returned — and neither had his dog. [Read more →]

Dog handler and dog give all in Afghanistan

Dog newsAs reported in the Guardian, an heroic British dog handler and his dog died this past Tuesday in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Liam Tasker was working with his spaniel, Theo, to search out explosives ahead of a company of British soldiers on patrol in Helmand province. Tasker was described as having a “natural empathy with dogs,” and his work in Afghanistan had already been credited with saving many lives. He was also described as being inseparable from his dog, Theo. Major Alexander Turner is quoted as saying that: “At the most hazardous phase of an advance, he would be at the point of the spear, badgering to get even further forward and work his dog. He met his fate in just such a situation – leading the way that we might be safe.” [Read more →]

Don’t get the plague from sleeping with your dog!

Dog newsThere’s a story in which reports on two cases of bubonic plague (both victims recovered) in the state of Oregon. The individuals apparently caught the disease via infected fleas from their dog, which shared their bed.

Hmm. We live in New York City, in a residential area of Manhattan where the rate of dog ownership is tremendously high, based on how many dogs you see outside being walked at any given time. An especially high proportion of these dogs are small ones — poodles, pugs, terriers and the like. How many do you think sleep on their owners’ beds?

I guess this must be why we are awakened every morning by the chilling sounds of a clanging bell, the rolling wheels of a cart, and the grim and repetitive command: “Bring out your dead!” [Read more →]

Dolphins attempt to eat lost dog

Dog newsIn Marco Island, Florida, bloodthirsty bottlenose dolphins tried to devour an eleven year-old Doberman which had fallen into a canal.

Oh, alright: that’s not exactly how it’s being reported elsewhere, but who really knows? The Daily News headlines it as: “Dolphins help rescue lost dog after it gets stuck in canal.”

The senior-citizen Doberman, named Turbo, disappeared through an open gate at his home last Sunday night. His owner, Cindy Burnett, reported that she and her sons drove up and down searching for him, but he remained missing for 15 hours. [Read more →]

Alert dog Coco saves herself, her owner, and her 8 puppies

Dog newsYou could call it the story of the heroic octomom. Ohio’s Fox 8 has reported on the turn of events in a town called Eastlake.

The location was a trailer occupied by a man named Paul Kirschstein and an unnamed roommate. They were both asleep. The man’s dog, Coco, who had just given birth to eight puppies about four days previously, jumped on Kirschstein’s bed and pushed him to wake him up. He noticed a haze [Read more →]

Deaf dog learns sign language in prison

Dog newsNo, he wasn’t in prison for any crime, although, in a sense, he was in prison because he was deaf.

As reported in the Fulton Sun, a deaf Dachshund was given up by a breeder to a Missouri animal shelter. The shelter figured they would have a hard time finding a home for a deaf dog, so they enrolled him in a Missouri Department of Corrections program called “Puppies for Parole.” [Read more →]

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