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Dog off leash on beach: $3200 fine

Dog newsHow does a guy end up with a $3,200 fine for letting his dog off the leash on a beach in South Carolina? Well, just human nature, when you get right down to it.

The man in question was walking with his Jack Russell/Labrador mix on September 28th last, on a beach near the town of Kiawah Island, South Carolina. The man is said to have a family home nearby. News reports indicate that he was approached by a code enforcement officer on an ATV, who informed him that his dog should be on a leash. The fine of over $1000 for the infraction was at some point invoked. The man refused to give his real name (offering “Fred Thompson” instead) and received two more fines for his lack of cooperation, adding up to the $3,200 total. The man intends to [Read more →]

Slaughter of sled dogs in British Columbia

Dog newsThere’s a story out there which has gotten a lot of attention, regarding the deliberate killing of one hundred apparently healthy sled dogs in Whistler, BC, Canada, at the end of the tourist season last year (April of 2010). Having read the details a couple of days ago, my advice to any real dog lover is: If you haven’t yet read about it, DON’T. And I’m not going to get into the details here, because, frankly, I find it too disturbing. The story came to light because the individual who carried out the killings (allegedly on the orders of his boss) filed for compensation based on post-traumatic stress disorder after the event. I find that quite credible on its face, because after reading how the killings were carried out myself, I found it hard to get the images out of my mind. It being shortly before bedtime, the images kept me awake, and when I later fell asleep and woke up again, the images were still there. And this was just from reading about it. [Read more →]

Dog survives plane crash; owner dies

Dog newsIn the state of Oregon, a 68 year old Vietnam veteran (retired from the Air Force) died when the homemade aircraft he was flying crashed shortly after takeoff. His dog, an Australian shepherd named Charlie, survived. (Stories here and here.)Charlie the Australian Shepherd

The plane is said to have crashed into a tree and gone up in a ball of fire soon after leaving Lehark Airport. The man, William Kennedy III, died on impact. Somehow the dog escaped the wreckage and [Read more →]

Hero Afghan dog euthanized

Dog newsIt’s a terrible story, without question. A dog — a shepherd mix named Target — which had survived the war in Afghanistan and been brought home by a U.S. soldier to Arizona escaped from its yard last week, ended up at the local pound (I hate the modern euphemism of shelter) and was put to sleep before the owner had come to claim it. [Read more →]

Dog-based dissent in Iran

Dog newsAs this story in the U.K. Guardian reports, dog ownership is a curious way in which some citizens of Iran are choosing to assert their dissent against the harsh clerical leadership of that country. Dogs are considered unclean in Islam, and while ownership of a canine is not prohibited, strictly speaking, it is understood that they are only to be kept as working animals, e.g. sheep dogs or hunting dogs.

Increasingly, however, members of the disgruntled middle-class are doing just that, leading to the growth of even an underground industry of dog beauty parlors and dog spas. There’s also [Read more →]

Oakland police to receive animal training

Dog newsI previously wrote on the incident in Oakland, California, where police officers investigating a possible burglary shot the family dog, and 11-year-old lab named Gloria characterized by her owner as both arthritic and good-natured. At the end of that post I offered: [Read more →]

California police kill elderly lab who “barked and growled” at them

Dog newsI saw the story at USA Today:

Police in Oakland shot and killed an arthritic, 11-year-old yellow Labrador in its backyard Tuesday while responding to a burglar alarm the dog accidentally tripped while her owner was out running errands. Officers said the dog, Gloria, growled and barked at them. They left her owner a note.

“Oakland police responded to your residence to investigate a burglar alarm,” the note read, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. “While circling the rear perimeter, lab advanced on officers in a threatening manner before being shot and killed.”

Naturally the owner is outraged, and says [

Economy bleak: Get a dog

Dog NewsThe Associated Press is reporting on the continuing grim outlook for the economy in the U.S., highlighting the reluctance of consumer to spend any spare cash the more fortunate ones may have.

Kasey Doshier, a graphic designer in Chicago, said the recession taught her to rein in her spending. The key moment came early last year, when her employer cut her pay 15 percent to avoid layoffs.

“I just lived paycheck to paycheck and had a good time,” said Doshier, 32. “It’s kind of scary to think that I am a paycheck away from being homeless.” [Read more →]

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